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It’s Get Connected Hollywood & Halloween!

Ghouls, Ghosts and Goblins afoot! 

Will you be inspired from a Hollywood legend, a halloween ghoul or will you come dressed in something completely original? 

$10 Admission

Food | Parking | Screenings | Networking | Vendor Tables | Panels | Workshops

Venue | The Porter-Sandford Performance Art Center
3181 Rainbow Drive, Decatur, Ga

Enjoy an evening of:
• Informative Panels
     • Stratagic Networking
• CineCentral/ CrewCall
     • Film Screenings from your favorite indie filmmakers
     • Industry Focused Vendor Tables
     • Interactive Workshops
• Complimentary Appetizers & Desserts
     • Drink Specials
     + more
Connect with Atlanta’s top indie filmmakers, cast and crew. Discover a new independent artist, gain industry insight and network to where you want to be. Build your resources, align with like minded people and maybe even form the the spark for the next amazing project. 

Learn how to create cuts, wounds and classic zombie effects from director/ special effects master Matt Green!

Live Demonstrations
7:30 – Cuts/ Wounds
8:30 – Full Zombie
Classroom 109 

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Learn more about Matt

IMDb | SFX WebsiteWebsite for Directing

Matt’s Demo Reel

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W.O.R.D. is a hard hitting drama that takes its readers deep into the heart of the underground hip-hop rap scene. 

The screenplay is complete and now the development team has completed the book. 

It’s time to craft an AMAZING BOOK COVER! 

That’s where you could come in! 

Please seek us out at the coming GET CONNECTED industry networking mixer. 

Brace yourself for a freaky lineup of short films and videos from Atlanta’s top media producers! 
HOSTED BY: Vitelle Webb
We are thrilled to have actress, director, screenwriter and speaker Vitelle Webb host the coming screenings at Get Connected! Vitelle has been a major positive influence in our local industry with many project caterord to making people aware of the homeless. Please make it a point to meet her at the event as she hosts the nights films.  
Some of Vitelle’s credits include roles in movies such as SERIAL RELATIONS, where she plays the lead role as a psycho “bi-polar” chick, who murders people without realizing it’s wrong. Vitelle also has roles in films & TV shows such as TYLER PERRY’S “I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF”, LIFETIME’S “DROP DEAD DIVA”, “MEET THE BROWNS”, “HOUSE OF PAYNE” & The CW’s “VAMPIRE DIARIES”. 

This mother of two juggles a family and her entertainment career all while helping others to achieve their goals. In 2010 she founded her first non-profit organization called “The Feed the Homeless Tour” in which she and her family help homeless individuals from state to state during their industry tours. 

There were several times along her journey when she became discouraged that she may never see her dream become a reality. She often worked several jobs at a time, while still managing her entertainment career and family life. Vitelle has been homeless more than once, even lived in her car for a period of time. She has been a victim of circumstance more times than one. Vitelle is the true definition of determination as she continues to rise to the top. 

“I want to be living proof that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!” ~ Vitelle Webb

“If you’re an actor & would like to be considered for a role in “The Face of Homeless” the play, email headshot & resume to today! Please forward to a friend & share this opportunity!”

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Welcome to The Takeover, where zombies, vampires, drama and excitement collide. See how the balance of love shifts during the time of war for a young vampire. See you guys October 31,2013

Starring – Justin Barnes, Jeanne Morales , Joe Swift, Christopher Kelly, Donterrius Ruff, Stephanie Allen and Christian Ballis

fanpage | Statigram | Twitter

~ Spotlight Links ~
Catch Director Trent Harris & Brent Brooks on “Be a Beacon” with Host David Cohen!  

                     Current Art Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with David Cohen on BlogTalkRadio
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Amber is an intense psycho-thriller about the strange disappearance of nine-year-old Amber Davidson and the ensuing police investigation.

Watch the WORLD PREMIERE of the highly anticipated debut film from TheDirector Apar at the Porter-Sanford Center 500 seat theater. Our team will be interviewing cast & crew as well as audience reactions. 


~ Spotlight Links ~
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A psychological thriller that explores the human mind in ways that are unexpected. When the minds of three individual filmmakers collide it makes for an ending that most humans can’t endure.

Don’t miss the special screening at GET CONNECTED’S RED CARPET event. 

With a cast that stars Nasir Rahim, Lem Collins, Marcus Munroe, Dawnisha Halfkenney, Danielle McGowan, and Diva Tyler you are not going to want to miss this! 

Dress up, have fun and we will see you at Get Connected on Oct. 31st!

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A young man is tormented in a dark building with no way out in sight, but is he alone? The only way to find out the secret and horror of this 2 minute short is to see it, “MACABRE”!

A thrillingly terrifying experience from the creators of Paul Productions.andThe Great Wall Productions 

Starring: Josiah Bridges and Flicka Hernandez. 

There will also be a SPECIAL TEASER at the end of Macabre that you won’t want to miss!

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Hello everyone! I know you have been “DYING” to see some of my work so come out this Halloween to see my newest short film Just Call Me Darling starring Diamond Owens and Michael Sibila! It will be a great place to get your spook on with this funny and quirky thriller. Watch the trailer in the link below!

Just Call Me Darling OFFICIAL TRAILER from Rasheena Nash 

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We are honored to screen Restitution at this month’s Get Connected. 

Starring: Jason MacDonald, Catherine Dyer, Luke Donaldson Actor and Jasmine Burke

Synopsis: In the short film “Restitution”, Preston finds out that his wife has cloned their son without his consent.

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Three young women find themselves stranded on a lonely road in the middle of nowhere when they stumble onto the “Dead Inn” –a place that will change the way you look at horror…or not!!!

Featuring: Tori Montgomery, Pj McDonnell, Thatcher Johnson-Welden, Katelynne Butler, Seymour Clemons, Kyla Downs

Directed by David McNeill White
Written by Clay Farmer

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WIDE AWAKE is the story of Cindy Braxton (Lynn McArthur) who is suffering from debilitating nightmares stemming from the loss of her three children. The nightmares have become so bad that they are keeping her at a constant state of unrest to the brink of her being unable to determine what is real and what is a dream. As the insomnia rages one she soon discovers that finding the reason for her constant unrest will reveal a truth that she may not be ready to deal with yet. 

Lynn McArthur
Executive Producer; Assistant Director; Writer

Cesar Aguirre
Cinematographer/DP; Camera Operator; Editor

Kevin L. Powers
Production Manager; Boom Operator

Supporting Cast:
Ashley McMichael, Carmella Reevey, Christopher Knight, Craig Rychlichi, Emily Rychlichi, Eve Rucker, Gabriel Landis, Gwendolyn Cruz, Ian Farmer, Ivan Vasquez, Kendal McIntyre, Michael Farmer

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The premiere of a segment CALLED “Sunset on Wrath” in the 2012 SCI-FI thriller “Uncanny” starring Jay Allen, Andre D. Congo and Jeanine Chait. “When you rest with evil, you wake with mayhem!”
Keep your enemies close and your friends closer. Blade’s mission to rid the world of hominus nocturna (vampires) forces the vampire to mount a counter attack. The Vampire Council vows revenge against Blade, by researching Blade. The council enlists the aid of an enemy with ties to Blade. What happens when Blade’s past catches up with him? The Marvel fan-film, Blade: Bad Blood is an action-packed and suspenseful fight between the day-walker and the vampires; from the creators at Shado Vision Productions.
RABIDUS is an independent film inspired by actual events. Jackie is a troubled woman who suffers from rage attacks that seemingly have no basis. These attacks often place Jackie, and anyone attached to her, in grave danger. Jackie craves Power and limitless Beauty and will stop at nothing to achieve both…….welcome to Rabidus.

CineCentral/ CrewCall

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CineCentral and CrewCall helps cast & crew identify those entities that are looking for cast and crew for their projects. At past events we noticed many actors and filmmakers felt like they were going home empty handed, they were simply missing each other at the event. During the month we look for companies looking to bring on cast & crew and invite them out. This is NOT AN AUDITION. Think of this is our way to make sure the filmmakers and cast & crew indeed connect. Think of this like a positive speed networking experience. Times range from 2-3 minutes where the party gets to get to know each other, resumes and headshots can be provided and if the filmmakers feel you are the right fit expect to be called in later for an audition. Each group will provide very different offers so please take the time to explore the opportunity to see if it is the right fit for you, and by no means are in way obligated to anyone of them.  

Below are the representative of each production company. 



Cynthia Collins of FILMAtlanta is managing CineCentral! 

Cynthia Collins is the Founder & CEO of Film Atlanta, specializing in education, training and workforce development in the Georgia film & television industry; Organizer of the Georgia FILM Independents Meetup, a network of over 2800 film and entertainment industry professionals, and Founding Partner of the “Get Connected” (monthly film and entertainment mixer). Cynthia is an entrepreneur and net-weaver in love with the Arts of filmmaking. She is a seasoned professional with over 30 years’ combined experience in HR Recruitment, business administration, talent development, film production and casting. 

LIKE & FOLLOW FILM Atlanta on Facebook at; Twitter @FilmAtlanta, or visit their website 



The Second Annual Georgia Entertainment Gala Presented By Autumn Bailey Entertainment &Get Connected on Saturday, January 11, 2014 the state of Georgia will once again be united for the Second Annual Georgia Entertainment Gala – – a night of immaculate elegance showcasing the immense talent that Georgia has to offer in the entertainment industry. This Roaring 20’s Themed Black Tie Evening includes an awards ceremony created to honor the excellence of Georgia’s film, television, business, technology and music industry professionals, Live Entertainment, tantalizing passed Hors D’oeuvres, and more.

40$ Single
60$ Couple
85$ VIP Limited (100)

Event Tickets on Sale at


Get Connected and Alliant Entertainment Health Perks have partnered to provide you access to Discount plans geared to the unique needs of the Entertainment Industry.  

These valuable Discount Programs provide you access to discounts on a variety of Health and Non Heath Related Services, Incuding: Pharmacy, Dental, Vision, Doctors By Phone, Medical Health Advisor, Physician and Hospital discounts, Legal Care, Tax Assistance and Roadside Assistance to name a few.  

These programs are available to anyone in the Entertainment Industry from Actors, Writers, Behind the Camera professionals, Photographers, Performers, Musicians, Game Developers, Dancers, Models. Food Service, Transportation, Designers, Make Up, Hairstylists and any other related professions.  Your registration includes you and your eligible dependents.   

Get the discounts and access you deserve today at a cost that anyone in the Entertainment or related industries can afford. With 3 plans to choose from, theIndie for $8.00, the  Studio for $18.00    and the  Production for $29.00    there is a program to fit every monthly budget. 




Now in its fourth decade, the Atlanta Film Festival—one of only two-dozen Academy Award® qualifying festivals in the U.S.—is the area’s preeminent celebration of cinema.  The Atlanta Film Festival is one of the largest and longest-running festival in the country, welcoming an audience of over 25,000 to discover hundreds of new independent, international, animated, documentary, and short films, selected from 3000+ submissions from all over the world.  It is also the most distinguished event in its class, recognized as Best Film Festival by Creative Loafing, Sunday Paper, 10Best and Atlanta Magazine.

Atlanta Film Festival screenings often include in-person dialog with filmmakers, providing audiences, artists and industry professionals with meaningful opportunities to network, interact and engage. 

Facebook | Website | Twitter




Cinevation Media is Atlanta’s cutting edge post production house for film, television, and commercials. Cinevation Media provides end to end post production workflows starting with on set data management and dailies to editorial and DI. Whatever your post needs are, Cinevation Media is on the forefront of solving them while providing utmost quality and efficiency.

BOOTH ALERT: Be sure to check in with Nick and his team to see what new projects and concepts they are developing! 

Website Fanpage




FILMAtlanta Media Center Inc. is a Gateway to the Georgia film and television community for new, emerging and seasoned talent in front of and behind the camera. We provide industry networking, consulting and production services; as well as expert education, training, work force development and resources. In doing so, we cultivate sustainable talent pools to help fill the emergence of jobs in the booming Georgia film industry.

Our mission is to educate and empower emerging talent in the Georgia film, television, media and technology industry to obtain and maintain work; and to provide superior staffing for clients from our cultivated talent pools, in front of and behind the camera.

Our vision is to be an innovative leader in education, training, and work force development in the Georgia film, television, media and technology industry.

Website Fanpage


For 100 years, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has worked relentlessly to save lives and create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. Together with millions of our supporters worldwide, we’re helping people stay well, helping people get well, finding cures, and fighting back against cancer. 


Throughout the life of Get Connected we have supported and gave to deserving charities and organizations whose mission is to help the under privileged and/or provide unique opportunities for emerging filmmakers. Below is a small list of those charities we have given to. Please support and look into each one! 

•  Cobb County Foster & Adoptive Parent Association –
City of Refuge –
1st Saturday Feed The Homeless Event –
Red Cross –
• The Erica Hubbard Foundation –
Feed the Homeless – Production of live tour
Atlanta Music Program –
• Casa –
• Lisa Lopes Foundation –
American Cancer Society –

Art Organizations 

48 Hour Film Contest –
Plaza Theater –
Get Connected Filmmaker Contest – $1500 to the production of “RED”


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“We hope you get the best out of your networking experience! We love to see as many people connect and meet that resource they are looking for to take them both to the next level. Please take a look at the tips below and master them or give them a quick read before coming out to the event.”

– Autumn & Brent 

 At Get Connected we are always giving advice on how to get the best out of a Get Connected event. We came across this very helpful list of networking tips that may give you insight in how to you can best take advantage of the next event. Make sure to read them over and master the concepts the best you can.  Success is a mindset away. 

Please see and master the packet below! 

Draft 2: Get Connected Survival Packet – Click here to review full screen



Porter-Sanford Performing Arts Center
The Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center is a state-of-the-art, 500 seat theater in the historic Candler Road district, bringing a diverse range of programming possibilities to Southern DeKalb County.

Our goal is to ensure that your organization has a positive and productive experience with this outstanding municipal facility.  DeKalb has invested more than 17 million dollars to construct the most advanced performing arts theater in the history of our county.  The Center is equipped with digital audio and lighting equipment throughout the entire facility and can accommodate a variety of performances including musicals, plays, ballets, weddings, and concerts.

Visit/ Join the center’s active facebook page to get up to date info on shows and upcoming events:





The Blank Page Screenwriting Group | Actor Services


Check our growing list of local filmmakers and talent!
To be on the spotlight you must have a 300 word bio and showcase links to your work.
Actors click here 
Filmmaker click here 

Filmmaker Spotlights

Actor Spotlights


Hollywood & Halloween Theme 
Get ready for October 31st!
We are looking for vendors, short films projects, and sponsors. Please email us at:
Early look at the films screening OCTOBER 31st!


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Welcome to The Takeover, where zombies, vampires, drama and excitement collide.

Check out the trailer here :