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We had the chance to sit down and talk shop with the up-and-coming set decorator Alvin Eric Vazquez. Alvin is a complete whirlwind of pure creative energy and when he gets behind a project you can bet it will look and feel authentic to the vision of the story. We had the pleasure of working with Alvin on the set of HARVEST alongside the FILMAtlanta team.

Alvin, please tell us a bit about yourself – your background!I was a Visual Merchandiser and freelance designer working on projects for showrooms, houses, and corporate offices. As an upcoming set designer with a lot of passion towards my art, I keep myself educated with the ever changing styles and trends which in turn have given me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in the film industry.

Talk to us about a few of your project before working on HARVEST?

My first break came on the set of Boulevard West -A Greenway Entertainment Production, which was followed by Harvest and now multiple other projects.

What was the pre-production process like for you?

From drawing to finding the right pieces to researching to putting it all together was all very exciting. We turned an entire vacant back area of our building into a movie set. It was so much fun. I worked so hard for an entire week, but the end result is something I was so proud of! I needed a SMOOTHIE!

What were some of the challenges for you?

How to work in an empty warehouse with over a thousand props to make it look like a Thrift Shop and deliver a story. I got so many items and props from every place I could and I only had a week to do it all. Also, I am still learning so I had to make sure I was on the right path. After a few days of working, Brent wanted some “white patches” covered up with more props and it was no problem. I call Brent my manager, lol! But it was so much fun and when it all came together it was movie magic!

What was it like seeing it all come together?

It was an awesome feeling looking at the sparkle in the eyes of the cast and crew as they came in ready to deliver as well as watching the director celebrating the accomplishments before the whole project was done. I was like a kid in a candy store, so proud and happy. I have seen a little bit of the movie and it has me very excited to see how it is being edited.

What was it like working with FILMAtlanta and Blank Stage?

It was great since day one. They are all wonderful team-players. Their enthusiasm, how they worked with each other, the positive vibes on the set made this project successful. Brent and Cynthia work so well together and really compliment each other so well.

You have been able to see a little bit of the footage, what has that been like for you?

As I see it unfold little by little and see my hard work and the cast performing it made me realized what I can accomplish. It gives me confidence.

What do you hope the little film will do?
I hope for it to open many doors for future projects for FILMAtlanta and Blank Stage Studios. I hope the project will continue to encourage more people to come to the FILMAtlanta meet-ups!

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